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The Round Vault Door by Vault Structures, Inc.

Vault Structures, Inc. has reintroduced the round vault door to the security marketplace. The round door was a symbol of security for decades and it has been redesigned with increased security, lower overall weight, a superior locking system, and a flat sill entry. Vault Structures, Inc. uses 8" of their Hercvlite high PSI concrete as the barrier system inside the door for intrusion protection. The door is securely locked with (24) 3" long highly polished piston driven locking bolts and multiple relockers. The central locking system is controlled by 2 mechanical combination locks and a three movement timelock. The locking system is protected by a glass barrier that breaks when attacked. Once broken multiple relocking devices are engaged to lock down the door. Separate attacks would have to mounted on the Hercvlite barrier material to eliminate the relockers.

    Additional Features:
  • Emergency ventilator with pass through
  • Day Lock
  • Emergency inside release to eliminate lock-ins
  • Flat door sill eliminating the need for ramps
  • Stainless steel, highly polished aluminum, black and gold finish
  • 84" clear opening
  • Mechanical sliding daygate
  • Glass door back for a showpiece look
  • U.L. Class 111 Rating

Classic Equipment Services, Inc. is pleased to offer this true "classic" to the physical security market.

Thor III Vault Doors by Vault Structures, Inc.

The Thor III vault door is designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories requirements as outlined in Standard for Safety U.L. 608 and carry the U.L. label for the selected class. The standard door has a 12" vestibule and is available in Class 1, 2 or 3.

    Standard Features:
  • Three movement timelock with reset and release feature
  • Two mechanical group 1 combination locks
  • Day Lock
  • Emergency vault ventilator with pass through
  • Alarm door contact and heat sensor
  • Acrylic daygate with keylock outside and thumb latch inside
  • Non skid threshold
  • Emergency inside release to eliminate lock ins
  • Alarm wrap embedded in core of door-provides early warning of attempted break ins
  • In door telephone
  • Custom sizes
  • Ramps
  • Stainless steel rod style daygates
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