Physical Security Solutions for Financial Institutions


Classic Equipment provides professional installation of physical security products and remote drive up systems. Whether the job entails the installation of a UL Listed vault, safe deposit boxes, safes, drive up windows and drawers, millwork, or teller pedestals. Classic has the installation experience and manpower to get the job done.

Retrofitting and Reconditioning

Sometimes security equipment can use some reconditioning to extend its longevity and improve functionality. Classic can often put existing equipment back into serviceable condition thereby postponing the costs associated with replacement. A coat of paint or new combination locks may be all that is needed to get your equipment back to tip top shape. After hours depositories can often be retrofitted with a new exterior depository hopper without the need to replace the safe and relocate the wall opening. Pneumatic drive up systems can be retrofitted with new customer and teller units without the need to open up the canopy and ceiling to install new tubing. Let Classic assess the condition of your equipment to see if reconditioning or retrofitting existing equipment is possible as a viable alternative to replacement.
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