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Vault Systems - Panels

Classic Equipment Services, Inc provides and installs high quality vault systems from Vault Structures, Inc of Ft. Myers, Florida and Cedarville, NJ. In addition to standard slab on grade applications, lightweight concrete or galvanized steel systems can be manufactured to meet the challenges of structural or dimensional shortcomings. From the engineering drawings to the installation of your vault system, Classic will be there to properly manage your project and see it through.

U.L. Listed Vault Panels

All panels have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet U.L. Safety standards, U.L. 608. Underwriters Laboratories ensures that these standards are met by periodic inspections of manufacturing facilities. These standards require that retesting is done for each class, on a seven year basis. The panels are sized to meet specific job requirements. It is recommended that the general contractor apply a finish to both sides of the completed vault. Often this is a sheet rock finish. Normal installation requires a smooth, level surface. When computing the square footage of vaults outside dimensions are used.

Conduit Access

Each vault is supplied with six conduit connections for the electrical and alarm contractor. Additional conduit connections can be supplied. These are installed in accordance with U.L. specifications.

Vent Ports

All vent ports have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the Standard for Safety U.L. 680. The vent ports are incorporated into a special panel to facilitate HVAC access. Vent ports can be sized for airflow from 4" x 16" to 4" x 36". Vent ports allow for the attachment of HVAC vents without compromising security.

Sprinkler Access

When required by local code sprinkler access can be provided. In accordance with U.L. specifications, these are limited to 1-1/4"ID and 1-1/2"OD.

*Span indicates the inside distances the lightweight panels can span without additional support

Hercvlite Vault Panels by Vault Structures, Inc.

Innovative Hercvlite vault panels are manufactured with an Ultra High Performance Concrete. This allows the panels to be thinner and lighter than standard concrete vault panels while still maintaining U.L. Class M through Class 3 ratings.

  • Special cement as a reactive powder
  • Graded manufactured sand
  • Ultra strength graded aggregate
  • High performance organic rheologic modifiers
  • A special blend of fibers and a little water

What does that mean for me?
Because of the low water content and mixture design this is one of the hardest concretes in the world. Its strength allows it to be thinner and lighter. This can help to alleviate structural load or dimension issues.

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